Transparent pricing designed to drive efficiency and savings

Mullet Production RVs launched in 2013 with a vision to change the role and expectations of production motorhomes. Our founders recognized a market need and set out to not only solve it, but to change and improve it. Our service-inclusive approach to production motorhomes helps you address multiple line items using fewer vendors. Our transparent pricing model is designed to help remove guesswork, and drive efficiency and savings.

Using our model you can eliminate multiple line items in your budget and help your production dollars go further by leveraging more than one of our services. We strive to ensure that our clients and their crew are well taken care of and prepared for any situation. As a group of solution based thinkers, we are focused on efficiency, productivity, and providing a worry-free experience. We enjoy creatively solving problems, or addressing issues before they become a problem.

With Utah as our home base, we are perfectly positioned to support your production or event in any location throughout the US and Canada. We operate year-round through rain and snow, and have no minimum rental requirements.