Production Motorhome and rental supplies.

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah | Serving the US and Western Canada.

Union or non-union projects. Teamster drivers available.

The Production Motorhome company focused on helping production dollars go further


We are committed to changing the way people view the role of a production motorhome on location, from our consultative pre-production planning to the execution of our high-touch service on location.


Using customized motorhome’s and rental supplies, we provide full-service and cost effective support to still and video production, film, weddings, concerts, and events. Our service delivery and pricing model have been thoughtfully and deliberately designed to help drive efficiency and savings.

Known for our unique service model and expertise, Mullet has become the industry leader in high touch production support, remote or problematic on-location productions, and flexibility as a company.

We provide production and location support to photo / still, video, advertising, catalog, live broadcast, film, independent film, low budget film, events, weddings, concerts, and sporting event production.  Our Production Motorhomes are designed with flexible space for production office, talent, digital processing, wardrobe, hair and makeup, or more.

We are known for our superior level of service, flexibility and transparent pricing model.  We use a simple, all-inclusive day rate, with no variable costs or unanticipated fees.

  • Members of the Teamsters Local 222 Union
  • Clean, well-maintained Motorhomes and rental equipment
  • Proactive, thoughtful, creative problem solvers


•  Based in Salt Lake City, UT | Serving the Western U.S. and Canada  •


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